Say Goodbye To Stubble And Hi There To A Perfect Shave

We live in an age of unprecedented consumer choice, when almost anything goes, and there are few things left on best shaving soap earth that you could buy for a man that would raise an eyebrow, this makes choosing a gift much, much harder. I would liken buying gifts for men to a restaurant with too much choice; you'll always regret what you didn't order. Of course, if you know the guy you're buying for well, then it's much easier, but still not easy. Here we look at some simple but pleasant choices that will make good gifts for almost any man.

To get the steam effect you can cover your head with a towel over a sink and run hot water. The steam that is captures will really help open up your pores for shaving. Gently pressing a hot towel against your face is another method but you have to make sure the towel is not scorching. You definitely want to keep an eye on the towel temperature. All you need is something warmer than your body temperature.

Alexander the Great was a strong advocate of shaving. Mosaics from the 4th century BC portray him as a youthful, clean-shaven figure. He almost certainly influenced the generals and commanders of his army to slap on some best shaving soap and scrape off their beards. They may well have been the first clean-shaven fighting force in history.

I'm always afraid that I will go out in public and forget to take them off. I guess if you had the time and could use a straight razor, you could perform this kind of shave yourself, but I wouldn't attempt it. If you're like me, you'll ending up cutting your head off before you are through.

To complete Corporate Dad's look he needs a briefcase-but not just any briefcase. While he may not admit it, you'll recognize the twinkle in his eye when he opened a package and smells the smooth calf skin leather of his new luxury briefcase, like the one from Pierre Cardin.

Whatever grooming products you use, keep them all together when you get to your destination. That way, you don't have to waste time looking for a particular product. I like to have all my travel size bottles in a small travel tote so that I always know where the products are.

A wet shave, no matter over which part of the body, should include the softening of the hair before applying the soap, cream or lather. Firm strokes with a sharp blade is important, specially the sharp blade part. Finally applying a moistening cream will do wonders with your skin.

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