Peru - The Amazing Land!

Things to do in Peru

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The new education enterprise is called the Center for Surf Research. September is the time study stories begin. By Winter, students need to get ready to Travel to Peru.

The ruins sit surrounded by the Andes Mountains at about 11,024 feet above sea level. The name Machu Picchu literally means "old peak", translated from the Quechua language. It was discovered by Hiram Bingham on July 24, 1911 while he was in charge of a Yale University expedition. It was in this landscape that the Incas built Machu Picchu at the end of the fourteenth century.

From Lima, fly or take a bus to Cusco. There, embark on the 4 or 2-day Inca Trail hike depending on your schedule, to the citadel's Sun Gate. Otherwise, from Cusco, take the train through the Sacred Valley to Aguas Calientes, then another bus or short hike to the entrance of the ruins.

Travel to Peru

Carry on down the Pan Americana to Nazca. This is the launching point for the Nazca Lines. In addition to the flight, there are several other attractions: Cahachi pyramids, the Chauchill cemetery, and ancient aqueducts.Right next door is Ica, which is a charming city with wine and pisco tours. This is also a main area for sand boarding, and slightly dangerous yet thrilling adventure activity.

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